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Your #1 Choice for Precision PCD Diamond Cutting Tools...


LEUCO is a global manufacturer of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools for composites, plastics and non-ferrous metals.  LEUCO is ISO 9001 certified and brings decades of experience to applications and tool making. 


We are an approved tooling manufacturer to the world’s major players in commercial and military aviation along with automotive, medical device and other industries machining advanced materials. 

We offer a wide range of high performance PCD tipped, CVD diamond coated and abrasive diamond tools to meet the rigorous demands of today’s challenging materials.


We work closely with the customer to develop solutions specific to their needs and application.  Our skilled, professional staff is committed to quality workmanship, on time deliveries and continued innovation and improvement. 


Advantages of PCD 

|  Proven Longer Tool Life  

|  Increased Productivity 

|  Reduced machine down time  

|  Tighter Tolerances through extended life cycle  

|  Superior work piece finish  

|  Enhanced cost efficiency derived from the above increased attributes


PCD Applications  

|  Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics. (Composite Material) (CFRP)  

|  Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)  

|  Aluminum and Aluminum alloys  

|  Aluminum/CFRP stack  

|  Titanium/ CFRP stack  

|  Plastics  

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